God Conversations

God Conversations

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What does God sound like? How do we know it’s him?

Stories of God talking to his people abound throughout the Bible, but we usually only get the highlights. We read; “God said; ‘Go to Egypt'”, and then; “Mary and Joseph left for Egypt.” We’re not told how God spoke, how they knew it was him or how they decided to act on what they’d heard.

In God Conversations, international speaker and pastor Tania Harris invites you into her own journey learning to hear God’s voice. Share the doubts, fears, and wonder as she navigates her conversations with God in light of his communication with the ancients. Part memoir, part teaching, this unique and creative collection of stories will help you to recognise God’s voice when he speaks and to see what happens when we listen.

“How do you know it’s God? This book will show you.” David Crafts, Hillsong Church

“Tania has woven theology, biblical stories and her personal journey together to show us how God speaks.” Melinda Dwight, Alpha Australia.

“Read it and buckle up!” Björn Schäfer, ICF Switzerland.

“You’ll find yourself saying, ‘I can do this too.’” John Steele, New Life Churches, New Zealand.

Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker and founder of godconversations.com, a global ministry that equips people to recognise and respond to God’s voice. With a diverse history as church planter, pastor and Bible College lecturer, her ministry is known for its theological depth, practical wisdom and ‘God-stories’. She speaks to groups of all ages and traditions and is a popular voice on Australian, New Zealand and UK radio. Hillsong is her church home in Sydney, Australia.

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