It’s hard to believe, but many Kiwi kids know nothing about Jesus. You can help change this!

The Super Cool Story of Jesus is a delightful little book all about Jesus. Bible Society wants to share this story with 100,000 Kiwi kids in time for Easter 2018.

Sharing the real Easter story

For many kids, this will be their first encounter with the real story of Easter, and the first time they have heard the story of Jesus. Imagine the difference this little book could have in their lives.

Award-winning children’s author Joy Cowley says the illustrations in the book are stunning. “It’s such a pleasure to see the story of Christ Jesus in a multi-cultural context, beautifully designed. These illustrations will appeal to children, enhancing a message of love and light.”

Passing on faith

Recent research from Bible Society and Nielsen reveals the important role family plays in passing on the Bible to the next generation.

Parenting expert, co-founder of the Parenting Place and also founder of Faith4Families, Mary Grant says, “Of all the ways we care for our children, it could be said that, for Christian parents, passing on our faith is the most important.

 “We are the ones who can pass on the wonderful Jesus story and the truth about the God who ‘does stuff’. Not just by living it but by talking about it at every opportunity, and when our children are most receptive.”

The Super Cool Story of Jesus is a great tool to help parents, grandparents and caregivers pass on the story of Jesus to children. With its playful rhymes and beautiful illustrations, this book will captivate and intrigue children (and adults) of all ages!


The Super Cool Story of Jesus is a FREE resource from Bible Society. You can order copies for the children in your community by visiting the website. 

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