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You can help change this by praying, making a $3 donation in-store at Manna, and joining Bible a Month Club.

In New Zealand, it’s easy to get a Bible. But there are millions of Christians in countries where Bibles are in desperately short supply or not available at all.

Join Bible a Month Club and you’ll join Bible Society and nearly 10,000 other Kiwis committed to regular prayer and giving to help get Bibles into people’s hands and hearts all over the world.

Your gift to Bible a Month Club this month will help to support this project.  Thank you and God bless you!


Stories from Bible A Month Club

“I was born into a Christian family.  My parents are not literate, so I could only hear the Word of God when I go to church on Sundays.  I have yearned for years to own my personal Bible. I usually have to borrow a Bible from my friend’s sister to read and study for my Religious and Moral Education (RME) course in schools.

Ghana“I am now very happy I have got a Bible for myself.  Now I can read the stories I hear in church when I get home and share with my siblings and friends.”

These are the words of 12-year-old Angie, a Ghanaian girl who received a Bible through the Bible Society of Ghana’s Scriptures for School Pupils – Building a Strong Biblical Legacy project.

The project aims to reach out with Bibles to 150,000 school children across Ghana, to address issues such as Bible illiteracy and child delinquency rates.      

Fifteen-year-old Beatrice was one who received a Bible.  “I was tired of my life of sadness, sorrow, neglect and sometimes suicidal thoughts because I am an orphan.  When I started to study the Scriptures with my whole heart, my eyes started to open as if scales fell from them.  I have discovered the love of God for myself and now I walk with peace of mind and heart,” said Beatrice. 

Sixteen-year-old Kwesi, although raised in a Christian home, became rebellious as a teenager.  “I refused to listen to instructions.  I became disinterested in school.  I began using drugs.  I became unconscious on one occasion due to a heavy dosage and was admitted to hospital.  The Lord spared my life.

“I have now changed my school friends and started going to church.  My life has changed so much through the Bible I received!  I can feel God tugging at my heart and speaking
to me,” says Kwesi.

“I was surprised when I received my new Bible.  I love to read the stories in it.  I have found new hope,” says twelve-year-old Lucy.  

Across Ghana you can help children and young people like Angie, Beatrice, Kwesi and Lucy find hope through the Bible.

Life in Pusat prison was very tough. As in many prisons, its inmates suffered from overcrowding, poor conditions and a lack of food. Early on, Sinat began experiencing fainting spells both through hunger and through fear of the prison guards.

The only bright spot in Sinat’s week was the weekly visits from members of the Bible Society in Cambodia’s team. They gave Sinat a Bible. She began to read it. Gradually, she began to understand that through Jesus Christ her sins had been forgiven. She committed her life to Him.

One day, Sinat was unexpectedly taken to court and handed a release paper. She had been set free! Since that time she has committed her life to sharing God’s Word with prisoners. And she is hard at work helping her local church plant churches in its area.

After losing her husband in the 1994 genocide, Ngwena was unable to cope with life. In the dark days that followed, she turned to prostitution both to earn money and to mask the emotional pain she was feeling.

But everything changed when she was given a Bible by the Bible Society of Rwanda and invited to attend a Bible reading group.

One day a worker from the Bible Society of Rwanda noticed that Ngwena was holding her new Bible tightly to her. When asked why, Ngwena replied, “This is my new husband.”

She began to experience healing from the tragic loss that had changed the course of her life more than 20 years ago. Ngwena had discovered a new relationship with the Lord that filled her future with hope.

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