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Princess Twins And The Tea Party: I Can Read 1 (New Ed)

Mona Hodgson

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
A Lesson in Humility Princess Emma wants the spring tea party to be perfect, even when Princess Abby reminds her that only God is perfect. And just when the guests arrive, disaster strikes. Can Emma relax and enjoy the party? This is a Level One I Can Read! book, which means it's perfect for childre...

Imagination Station 3 Pack Vols 13-15

Marianne Hering

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
When they step into the Imagination Station, kids experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure to inspire their imaginations. With each book, they're whisked away with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world and back in time.This 3-pack of book...

Knight and the Firefly: A Boy, a Bug, and a Lesson in Br

Amanda Jenkins

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Oliver may be a brave and noble knight by day, but he is terrified of the dark by night until a wise, old firefly helps him understand that God's Word is our light.In this Scripture adventure, kids join Oliver as he hides under an eagle's wings, is hoisted onto the shoulders of a strong angel, tramp...

Antarctic Adventures

Bartha Hill

Out of stock, arrival 16+ weeks
Find out about the natural habitat, the history of the explorers and the people who are today doing their utmost to protect this sensitive environment. Throughout it all you will see the beauty of God's creation as well as learning what God can teach you about himself through his world and his Word.

Give Thanks

Kathryn O'Brien

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
With a repetitive, rhythmic introduction of Psalm 136:1 (“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!”), Give Thanks turns Bible memorization from a duty to a delight for children, using the author’s unique teaching strategy. This purposeful presentation of Scripture will help children memorize, unders...

All the Colours That I See

Broadman & Holman

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
Green and yellow, red and blue?—what favourite colour did God give you? In this delightful board book, preschoolers can learn their colours and learn where they came from—God! They’ll be encouraged to touch, tap, or pat colours on each page, and a sneaky chameleon will follow them along the way. I...

Pawn's Play #02

Phil Lollar

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
The second book in the series 'Blackgaard Chronicles'. 'Pawn's Play' is based on classic episodes of the 'Adventures in Odyssey' audio program. Striking from the shadows, Blackgaard makes his moves. Petty thief and con artist Richard Maxwell joins forces with the diabolical Dr. Regis Blackgaard to ...

My Arms Will Hold You Tight Board Book

Crystal Bowman

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
Each 4-color spread in this whimsical board book features illustrations of beloved animals--including llamas, elephants, and sloths--along with fun surprises like bats and flamingos. Authors Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley are masterful with rhyming and bring the tenderness of heartfelt love betwee...

Bears on Time: Solving the Lateness Problem (07/21)

Michael Berenstain

Out of stock, arrival 7+ weeks
Encourages children that doing your best to keep your word and be on time is not only the polite thing to do, it's also the right thing to do in this inspiring story from the Berenstain Bears Living Lights collection. The Bear family is a busy family. They have lots to do like getting to school and...

Who Made the Morning?

Jan Godfrey & Honor Ayres

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
This beautiful picture book takes a little bird on a journey of discovery to find out who God is and where he can be found. 'Who is God?' asks Little Brown Bird.  One question leads to another until Little Brown Bird finds herself on a journey, flying higher than she has ever flown before, to lear...

Science Geek Christy and Her Eco-Logbook (09/21)

Petra Crofton

Out of stock, arrival 16+ weeks
Meet Christy a determined young girl, who is passionate about saving the planet. Along with her boyfriend geeky Sam and best friend Amira and other school mates, they win a science competition and an opportunity to travel to Ecuador to write travel blogs. Excitement and anticipation for the trip is...

Ghost Dog #25

Paul Hutchens

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
A pet funeral for the finest dog that ever lived in the Sugar Creek territory kicks off this instalment in the Sugar Creek Gang adventures. Mysterious howling in the middle of the night causes Bill to wonder if a ghost dog is roaming the woods. Later, in the same woods, strange lights in the sky c...

Terror in Branco Grande #2

Jerry B Jenkins

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
In "Terror at Branco Grande", Mr. Michaels is misled by a request to transport "relief supplies" to South America. Instead, he is framed by a drug-smuggling ring and arrested, and Kate and Chad enter a life and death fight to prove his innocence before they're deported - and their father faces a wor...

Dark Horse #4

Dandi D MacKall

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
Starlight tosses her head, and I know instantly by the tightening I feel in her back that something's wrong - Nothing unusual I can make out - Then I smell it. Smoke. Meet 18-year-old Hank. He's Catman's cousin and the all-American, popular, good guy at Starlight Animal Rescue. But a tragic fire has...

Horse to Love #1

Marsha Hubler

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Thirteen-year-old foster kid Skye Nicholson has become an expert at being an angry, cold, and defensive teenager. After breaking more foster home placements than she cares to count, and committing numerous offenses, she's headed to her final resort -- juvenile detention. But after a court compromise...

Clash #1

Rick Bundschuh

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
It took real faith and courage to get Bethany back on a surfboard after losing her arm to a shark. The 'Soul Surfer' fiction series is based on the life of surfer star Bethany Hamilton, as she and her friends discover God's love and guidance as they tackle the waves life hands them. In book one, C...
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