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Thank You, Lord, For Everything


Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Love surrounds you, beauty, too. Notice how God blesses you! Clap your hands, shout and sing: Thank you, Lord, for everything. A comfortable and relaxing rhyme tells the story of God's great blessings in this padded cover board book. P.J. Lyons' engaging text and Tim Warnes' playful illustrations re...

Pacific Adventures

Robert Plant

Out of stock, arrival 16+ weeks
The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world and extends from the Arctic in the North to the Antarctica in the South. It covers 46% of the earth's water surface and 32% of its total surface area. It is an amazing part of the world with extraordinary animals and habitat. Many cultures live alo...

Bedtime Book

Mary Engelbreit

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
From beloved New York Times bestselling illustrator Mary Engelbreit comes The Bedtime Book filled with snuggly poems and prayers that will help little ones drift off to sleep. With adorable illustrations and sweet rhymes, The Bedtime Book is an endearing and tender padded cover board book perfect fo...

Best Family Ever H/C #1 Baxter Family Children

Karen Kingsbury

Out of stock, arrival 7+ weeks
Much-loved storyteller Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family books have captured the hearts of millions who have come to think of the Baxter family as their own. Now Karen Kingsbury and her son Tyler Russell tell the childhood stories of the beloved Baxter children--Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Erin, and Luke--t...

You're My Little Sweet Pea: Board Book

Kit Chase

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
You're My Little Sweet Pea is a heartwarming board book about the deep bond between a parent, grandparent, or any loved one and their little one. The sweet rhymes and adorable illustrations by Kit Chase help show all the wonderful moments shared with a child, reminding children how special they are ...

You Are Extraordinary: Boardbook

Craig Johnson

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
In You Are Extraordinary, Craig and Samantha Johnson use fun rhymes and colorful pictures to celebrate kids who have unique challenges and gifts. Every page in this book focuses on a different ability or diverse circumstance, such as autism, Down syndrome, different ethnicities, unique sizes and bod...

Rescue on the River #24: Imagination Station

Marianne Hering

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Over 900,000 copies sold in the series! When kids step into the Imagination Station, they experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure and excitement. Each book whisks readers away on the adventure with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world a...

ABCs In the Bible Boardbook

Rebekah Moredock

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
With this creative primer, little ones can learn about the alphabet and the Bible all at the same time! Just flip through the sturdy pages to discover letters from A to Z, all vibrantly illustrated with examples from the Bible. Children will develop familiarity with letters and with the people, plac...

Don't Forget to Remember

Ellie Holcomb

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
In this delightful board book, Ellie Holcomb uses rhyme and beauty to remind young readers of comforting truths from God. When they see snowflakes fall, they can remember that God made each of us as one of a kind. If they hear the waves crash to shore again and again, they'll recall that God's love ...

My Life as An Afterthought Astronaut #08 (New Ed)

Bill Myers

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Classic stories from the Wally McDoogle series now with new designs and spot illustrations throughout. "Just 'cause I didn't follow the rules doesn't make it my fault that the Space Shuttle almost crashed. Well, okay, maybe it was sort of my fault. But not the part when Pilot O'Brien was spacewalk...

Zacchaeus: Little Bible Heroes

Broadman & Holman

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Kids love a great hero story, and there's no better place to find them than the Bible! This story tells the story of Zacchaeus and the day his life and heart were changed when he met Jesus. Each Little Bible Heroes(TM) story tells of bravery, faithfulness, and kindness--straight from the Bible and ...

Final Scroll #09

M J Thomas

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
In the thrilling series finale, Peter and Mary return to Jerusalem, where they witness Jesus' crucifixion and Resurrection. The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblic...

Finding a Way #70: Six Stories on Fear, Heroism

Focus on the Family

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Adventures in Odyssey volume 70 includes the first episodes ever recorded remotely with the actors in their home studios rather than together in one place. Finding A Way continues storylines and characters from volume 69: Best Kept Secrets. This volume is sure to be a hit with your family and help y...

Beginner's Bible First 100 Animal Words Board Book

Beginners Bible

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Are you looking for a fun way to teach your little one about animals? The Beginner's Bible First 100 Animal Words is the perfect way to introduce young children to their first animal words, while also learning classic Bible stories. With child-friendly illustrations, this bright board book offers: ...

Mandie Collection Vol 1: Books 1-5

Lois Gladys Leppard

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
This five-in-one volume brings Mandie fans--new and old alike--back to where it all began. Readers will discover anew the charms of the impulsive Mandie Shaw as she faces the ups and downs of first losing her father and then finding her long-lost family in Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Many more mys...

Dark Horse #4

Dandi D MacKall

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Starlight tosses her head, and I know instantly by the tightening I feel in her back that something's wrong - Nothing unusual I can make out - Then I smell it. Smoke. Meet 18-year-old Hank. He's Catman's cousin and the all-American, popular, good guy at Starlight Animal Rescue. But a tragic fire has...
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