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Lion Baptism Bible: A Special Gift

Lois Rock

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
Serene, classic illustrations throughout make this gift Bible for a Baptism extra special. Written to be accessible to newly confident readers, and to hold the interest of younger children who are being read to, this makes a fantastic introduction to reading the Bible.

My Bible Story Book

Sophie Piper

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
A cute little Bible story book with Dubravka Kolanovic's distinctive and adorable illustrations. Ten stories are briefly but accurately retold, making this an ideal gift for a young child. Includes a dedication page and a prayer. A perfect partner to Dubravka's My Baptism Book.

Lion Picture Bible A Special Gift

Sarah Dodd

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
This special edition has silver gilt edging, foil titling, and a padded cover, to make it a wonderful gift for a young child. Bright, vibrant pictures are the focus of this children's Bible for 5-7s; expressive people and animals carry out their lives against a backdrop of colourful and dramatic lan...

My Little Promise Bible


Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
An adorable little Bible with 44 stories across the Old and New Testaments. The stories end with the promise that was made in the story: 'God promised to save his people. And he did.', 'Jesus had come back to life, just as he promised', and the Bible reference underneath. Each double page has the te...

My Golden Children's Bible

Thomas Donaghy

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
A beautifully illustrated book that offers young people an introduction to core Bible stories

Love of God: Children Story Book

Bible Society

Out of stock, arrival 24+ weeks

Bibletime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories

Bonnie Rickner Jensen

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Our God cares for us so much-His love is everywhere! If He sees one heart in need, His love will be right there. When Jesus finds a lamb who's lost, He sings a happy song! "My lamb is safe now in My arms, Where all My sheep belong!" Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories offers more than 90 stories fr...

Discover the Bible Boxset


Out of stock, arrival 3+ weeks
A complete introduction to the Bible in one box! The kit includes a collection of Bible stories book for both the Old Testament and New Testament, a Sticker book, a colouring wall chart and a model ark kit. Ideal for schools and Sunday schools

Children's Bible

Anne De Graff

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
"More than 5 million sold ""The Children s Bible" contains all the best Bible stories, rewritten in simple sentences for children of all ages. With more than 200 detailed illustrations, favorite Bible stories will spring to life in chronological order. Scripture verses are listed for easy reference....

God's Great Plan Storybook Bible

Thomas Nelson

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
As your kids grow up, you want them to learn that the classic stories of the Bible all point back to God's great plan for the world--and for them! The vibrant colors, playful illustrations, and fun rhymes in God's Great Plan Storybook Bible appeal to readers ages 3-5, helping them connect their favo...

My God Loves Me Bible Board Book

Cecilie Fodor

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
This colorful book unpacks the wonderful truth that each child is loved by God God speaks His love through every single story of the Bible. What a beautiful message for little hearts to hear! With eighteen Bible stories from creation through the life and resurrection of Jesus, My God Loves Me Bibl...

My First Storybook Bible


Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
Looking for a fun way to introduce your young children to life-shaping Bible stories? Look no further than My First Storybook Bible! With twenty-seven of the most well-known stories from the Bible, spanning creation to the early church, this delightful book will provide hours of enjoyment and learn...

Lion First Bible

Pat Alexander

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
Here are more than sixty Bible stories, specially chosen for young children: a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the Bible. With bright illustrations and simple, clearly laid out text, this retelling is ideal for beginner readers.

My Story Time Parables

Juliet David

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
A collection of eight parables including The Tale of the Good Shepherd, The Loving Father, The Kind Stranger, The Two Builders, The Farmer and His Seeds, The Three Servants, The King's Party and The Foolish Farmer.

Bob Hartman's More Bible Tales

Bob Hartman

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
Popular storyteller Bob Hartman is renowned for his fresh take on often-told stories, bringing them to life with vibrant characters and a lively twist in the tale. The third in The Unauthorized Versions series, this title is packed full of humour, mischief, silliness, and fun. These easy-to-read st...

My First Bible

Tim Dowley

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
Delightfully illustrated by imaginative children's illustrator Roger Langton, this simple retelling of some of the favourite Bible stories makes this an ideal gift for 4 - 7 year olds. Carefully written with just one or two sentences per page and text cleverly integrated with memorable colour illust...
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