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Back Before Dark #2

Tim Shoemaker

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Praise for Code of Silence "Deliberate, plausible, and gritty whodunit." -Booklist Starred Review Praise for Back Before Dark "The climax? You will not have any fingernails left by the final page. -Booklist Taken! A detour through the park leads Cooper, Gordy, Hiro, and Lunk straight into a trap, a...

Storm Siren #01

Mary Weber

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
"I raise my chin as the buyers stare. Yes. Look. You don't want me. Because, eventually, accidentally, I will destroy you." As a slave in the war-weary kingdom of Faelen, seventeen-year-old Nym isn't merely devoid of rights, her Elemental kind are only born male and always killed at birth-meaning, s...

Knowing Jesus: The Essential Teen 365 Devotional, Blue Hardc

Broadman & Holman

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Have you ever wanted to be more like someone else? What about being more like Jesus the only one who really matters? These 365 devotions for teens are filled with Scriptures and action points that focus on Christ's life, ministry, and character. They will help you better understand who the Lord is a...

Case for Miracles Student Edition

Lee Strobel

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
From the well-renowned, bestselling series exploring the life of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. The 'Case for Miracles Student Edition' tackles tough questions about God, Jesus, and miracles, offering historical evidence that miracles are possible. With content tied to his adult title, ...

Girls' Guide to Conquering Life

Erica & Jonathan Catherman

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
Everything you need to know to be prepared, confident, and successful As you grow up and make your mark on the world, you're going to run into plenty of situations that require you to be confident and capable. But it's hard to be either when you don't know what you're doing! If you want to have it ...

Meet the Sky H/C

McCall Hoyle

Out of stock, arrival 3+ weeks
From award-winning author McCall Hoyle comes a new young adult novel, Meet the Sky, a story of love, letting go, and the unstoppable power of nature. It all started with the accident. The one that caused Sophie’s dad to walk out of her life. The one that left Sophie’s older sister, Meredith, barely...


Nadine Brandes

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father’s plot to assassinate the king of England. Silent wars leave the most carnage. The wars that are never declared but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives. Wars where color power alte...

Unique: A Creative Devotional Journal For Teen Girls


Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Introducing Unique: A Creative Devotional Journal just for the teen girls in your life! Dozens of devotional readings will encourage young hearts with regular reminders of God's love. Each devotional reading touches on relevant life topics--such as, Faith, Forgiveness, Friendship, and more. . . En...

Heartwood Crown H/C #02

Matt Mikalatos

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
After destroying the Crescent Stone, Madeline returns home, bringing Shula and Yenil with her. As her health continues to deteriorate, Madeline feels the Sunlit Lands calling her back. Meanwhile, Jason, Darius, and the rest of the inhabitants of the Sunlit Lands fight for survival and freedom. The m...

Pure Excitement: 3 Truths For Teens (Revised Ed)

Joe White

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
The challenges to teen sexual purity are greater than ever before. This classic title, which sold more than 100,000 copies and won ECPA's Gold Medallion Award for best family book of the year, is now revised and updated to address issues that have arisen since its original publication. This includes...

Choose Kindness: 3-Minute Devotions For Teen Girls

Kristin Weber

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Got 3 minutes? . . . This delightful devotional that encourages teen girls, ages 13-18, to take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God's amazing love for you, and to choose kindness in your thoughts, words, and actions. Dozens of just-right-sized readings pack a powerful dose...
Coming Soon

My Tech-Wise Life: Growing Up and Making Choices (11/20)

Amy & Andy Crouch

Out of stock, arrival 11+ weeks
While most of her peers were obsessed with their iPhones, Instagramming their lives, and glued to streaming TV, 19-year-old Cornell student Amy Crouch was growing up with minimal technology. Learn how intentional and controlled use of modern devices has helped her avoid many pitfalls---and how your ...
Coming Soon

Why Do I Feel Like This?: Meeting God in the Emptines(11/20)

Rachel Lane

Out of stock, arrival 15+ weeks
Depression can be hard to understand and even harder to talk about. Yet statistics show that more young people than ever are struggling with depression, as well as anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. So what exactly is depression? Why do some people struggle with it and not others? An...
Coming Soon

Engage 365: Beginnings and Endings (11/20)

Alison Mitchell

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
This one-year edition of Engage Bible-reading notes takes older teens and young adults through the overarching storyline of the Bible, from beginning to end. Engage365 explores the beginning of the world (Genesis 1-11), of God's chosen people (Genesis 12-50; Exodus 1-20), of God's song book (Psalms...

Soul Surfer Devotions

Bethany Hamilton

Out of stock, arrival 5+ weeks
She's blonde, brave, and totally determined - she's a gutsy professional surfer who has inspired millions, and her biggest audience is teenage girls. In this devotional, Bethany speaks straight to her soul sisters about letting God lead in the epic ride of life. In this devotional, Bethany shares st...

Door Within #1

Wayne Thomas Batson

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
There is an unseen world of good and evil where nightmares are fought and hope is reborn. Enter The Door Within. Aidan Thomas is miserable. Within two weeks, Aidan’s life is completely uprooted as his parents move the family across the country to care for his ailing grandfather. The quiet but imagi...
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