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Cross and the Switchblade: Young Reader's Edition

David Wilkerson
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The True Story of a Man Who Risked It All for God The streets of New York in 1958 are a perilous place. Gangs, drugs and violence hold the city hostage. It's about as far as you can get from the country church where Pastor David Wilkerson preaches. But one night, God speaks to David through the pa...

Power Prayers For Boys

Less than 20 Available
Prayer opens worlds of possibilities and this brand-new addition to Barbour's bestselling Power Prayers series will help you start your prayer life off right. 'Power Prayers for Boys' offers solid biblical reasons to talk to God and specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of your life. Chapters a...

Action Bible Handbook

Sergio Cariello
Less than 20 Available
Enhance your child's journey through the Bible! Over 700 people, places, and things are explained in kid-friendly language. Featuring a full index so tweens can find the topics they're looking for, this encyclopedia also includes vivid illustrations, links terms with their locations in The Action Bi...

Forensic Faith For Kids

J Warner Wallace
Less than 20 Available
Several young detective cadets investigate a mystery involving a Corgi puppy as they learn real detective skills that will help them understand and share the truth about Jesus. ...

Case for Faith for Kids

Lee Strobel
Less than 20 Available
You meet skeptics every day. They ask questions like: Why does God allow bad things to happen? Can you have doubts and still be a Christian? Here’s a book written in kid-friendly language that gives you all the answers. Packed full of well-researched, reliable, and eye-opening investigations of so...

Peter And The Rooster: An Easter Story

Andrew McDonough
Less than 20 Available
What's brave, catches dangerous fish and has real tattoos that won't wash off in the bath? If you think the answer is 'a chicken' then you'll enjoy this epic Easter story of courage, failure, friendship and hope. Based on Luke 22:31-62. When Jesus wanted to change lives he told stories. That's what...

Surprise! Easter's Hidden Treasure

Allison Davidson
Less than 20 Available
Mainly Music sessions have been operating throughout New Zealand for 27+ years, throughout Australia for 12+ years, and throughout the UK for 5+ years. This is a brand known within the preschool market, encouraging families to participate in fun, facilitated music sessions, where children are learni...

Easter Victory

Erik Rottmann
Less than 20 Available
Fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations make this an enjoyable book to read to your children, or have them read on their own. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are pleasurable and easy to remember. This review of Jesus' ministry l...

Teen's Guide to the 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman
Less than 5 Available
The secret to great relationships just for teens#1 "New York Times" bestselling book "The 5 Love Languages(r) "has sold over 10 million copies, helping countless relationships thrive. Simply put, it works.But do the five love languages work for teens, for their relationships with parents, siblings, ...

Chronicles of Paki Series 2

Gina Taggart & Alison Condon
Less than 20 Available

God is Really Good

Bill Johnson
Less than 20 Available

Colourful: Celebrating the Colours God Gave Us

Dorena Williamson
Less than 5 Available

Thank You God For This Day

Crystal Bowman
Less than 5 Available
Spend the day with Kitty as she learns to be thankful for each part of her day. This early reader 16-page book teaches kids about the Bible and character traits.

Every Young Man's Battle Workbook Included

Stephen Arterburn
Less than 5 Available
Can any young man escape the lure of sexual temptation in today's world? You're surrounded by sex constantly--in movies, on TV, video games, music, the Internet. Is it any wonder that it feels impossible to stay sexually pure? How do men survive the relentless battle against the onslaught of lust? W...

My Grandpa Loves Me

Giuliana Gregori
Less than 5 Available
This series encourages children to explore relationships with key family members. Children will develop an awareness of the various manners in which love can be expressed.

10 Minute Moments: The Basics

Joshua Griffin
Less than 5 Available
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