As a seasoned coffee drinker, you will know your daily cup is much more than a way to stay hydrated. There is such joy in setting aside a moment to sample that first sip of coffee. The sweet aroma is so pleasant and comforting. The warmth of a cup of coffee on a cold morning is a wonderful way to start the day.

All you need to make a cup of coffee.. is hot water and coffee beans or ground coffee. But if you want to make a perfect cup of coffee, there are a couple of extra steps you should take. It will elevate your drinking experience and make your coffee taste even better! 

You will have your special way of making the ‘perfect cup of coffee’ from choosing the perfect vessel, choosing your coffee beans, boiling the water to a specific temperature, adding just the right amount of beans, allowing for plenty of time for the coffee to brew and deciding the precise time that tthe coffee is ready to be poured.

Tea Tip: A well-brewed cup of coffee is a relaxing, restorative experience; it awakens us and replenishes our body and mind. It allows us to relax and brings calmness to our day.

How much more can HIS WORD, The BIBLE, be a restorative experience for you; it awakens us and it replenishes our body and mind. It gives us an opportunity to slow down, to soothe our soul and brings the perfect balance to our day.

Just as making the perfect cup of coffee involves a carefully thought out process, will you too take the ‘31 Day Journey’ with us? Come and taste of His Word daily, pause and allow His word to brew in your spirit, immerse yourself in His Word and allow Him to pour in His truth and bring restoration.

Let go, be still and savour the peace that His Word brings to your life. Come away to a place of rest where you have truly known what it means to PAUSE with Him.



What is one of the first things you do when you look to make your cup of coffee? Do you reach for your plunger or do you have a coffee machine? You find your favoured mug, the chosen vessel that will hold the coffee. Just as a vessel is selected to hold the coffee we too can be a vessel that will hold His Word and be filled each day. Come away and be filled.




When was the last time you craved after Scripture like you’d craved a cup of your favourite cup of tea? When you take that first sip of tea, do you feel satisfied? Does it create more of a desire to partake of another sip followed by another? Or does that first sip remove the craving. How you “consume” God’s Word. It’s so easy to just sip on Scripture — consuming little sips on apps throughout the week. Yet He longs for us to come again and again. Sip after sip after sip till we are filled. We need His Word to be poured into our lives daily. His Word adds to our life.



Once the hot water has been poured into the tea pot or cup there is a time to wait as the tea brews. To get the perfect cup of tea the brewing process cannot be rushed. That is the same for our time with Him. There is a time to pause and reflect. As we have taken the time to read and fellowship in His Word there is a time to come and mediate and rest again in Him. It is time to Wait.



The brewing process brings out the beautiful aroma. As we lift up the teapot lid or open up the plunger the aroma flows out. The tea leaves or beans have lingered long in the hot water and now the fullness of the flavour has been reached. The texture of the water has changed. When we linger in His Word we too are changed. Our aroma changes. That is the importance of being found in His Word. As we taste of Word we discover more of who He is. We learn of His heart towards us. We become more like Him. Take time to think about Him. Taste and See that the Lord is Good.




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