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Case For Easter

Lee Strobel

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Did Jesus of Nazareth really rise from the dead Of the many world religions, only one claims that its founder returned from the grave. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very cornerstone of Christianity. But a dead man coming back to life In our sophisticated age, when myth has given way to ...

Tract What Easter Is All About (25 Pack)

Good News Tracts

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FOR THREE DAYS, THE LIFELESS BODY OF JESUS LAY IN THE GRAVE. With him lay the expectations of all who had followed him. This wonderful man whom his followers hoped would be the Messiah--the anticipated righteous King sent from God to rule their nation--was brutally seized, tried, tortured and left ...

Easter Code Booklet: A 40-Day Journey to the Cross

O S Hawkins
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The Easter Code, by bestselling author O. S. Hawkins, is a meaningful devotional booklet for the Lent season. Each day includes Scripture, a devotion, a Code Word to think on and make the message memorable, and a prayer. Spend meaningful time with Jesus this Lenten season as you read through 40 day...

Why Easter?: Alpha

Nicky Gumbel

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This is a perfect outreach tool to hand out to visitors at Church services or at Easter events in your communities and Churches. An easy-to-read 24 page booklet that answers many questions about why we need Jesus and the importance of Easter.
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