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Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide


Out of stock, arrival 4+ weeks
Our 24 Family Ways is a parent-friendly, Bible-centered family time resource that seamlessy weaves together devotional interaction with discipleship instruction for the whole family. This is a tool to train your children in the way they should go, teach them Bible truths and principles, train them i...

Coming Prince


Out of stock, arrival 5+ weeks
The Coming Prince is a book that was written by Sir Robert Anderson on the book of Daniel and the coming of the Antichrist. The book is considered a must read for serious Bible students. Sir Robert Anderson was a theologian and writer who also served as the Assistant Commissioner of the London Metro...

Hidden Life of Prayer


Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
Private or secret prayer is the life-blood of the Christian. The great men and women of God down through the ages have testified to the effectiveness of this in their lives. Some like Martin Luther, have said that they could not survive a busy day without spending 2-3 hours alone with God. Drawing o...

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure


Less than 5 Available
Hey, kids. Grab your explorer s cap and get ready for this one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon adventure. Charlie, a spirited monkey, and his triceratops buddy, Trike, set off with a burly one-eyed tour guide to hike deep into the Grand Canyon. But there s trouble on the trail when Charlie goes off on his ow...

If You Will Ask


Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Sometimes we're blind in our prayers. Mary Magdalene was weeping at the tomb, asking for the dead body of Jesus. Whom was she asking? Jesus Himself, yet she did not know it. In his matchless way, Oswald Chambers reflects on the truth and the enormous power of prayer. ...

World's Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes


Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Here is a brand-new collection of more than 500 of the very best dad jokes. Jokes are organized in topics--Silly Kids, Action/Reaction, All Puns All the Time, Love & Marriage, One-Liners, Faith--so dads (and fans of dad jokes) can find the perfect rib-tickler (groaner) for every occasion.
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