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DVD James: 13 Lessons

Craig Blomberg

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Scholars Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kovalishyn use the historical, theological, and literary elements of James to guide their interpretation of this often-overlooked early Christian text in James, A Video Study. Their lectures examine the biblical text in its original environment, with an emphasis on...

Can We Still Believe in God?

Craig Blomberg

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People regularly give certain reasons for not believing in God, but they are much less aware of what the New Testament actually teaches. Although challenges to Christianity are perennial and have frequently been addressed, they are noticeably more common today and are currently of particular interes...

From Pentecost to Patmos (2nd Ed): An Introduction (07/21)

Craig Blomberg

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The histories, letters, and prophecies of the New Testament were written to first-century Christians in the Roman empire, but their truth remains the same today. In From Pentecost to Patmos, 2nd edition, Craig L. Blomberg and Darlene M. Seal provide the context and clarity that readers need to bette...
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