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NLT Bible Fern Hardback

New Living Translation

50+ Available
Presentation Page, Full National Anthem of New Zealand in English and Maori, Where to look for help section, Where can I find it (Key stories of the Bible), NLT Note to readers 2013, 49 Page Dictionary/ Concordance, ‘Great Chapters of the Bible’ reference, ‘Great verses of the Bible’ to Memorise li...

GNB Global Sunrise Hardback (043P)

Good News Translation

Less than 50 Available

Evidence that Demands a Verdict (Anglicized)

Josh & Sean McDowell

Less than 20 Available
God's Word tells us we must "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15). This updated classic from Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell will give you the tools you need to do just that. The modern apologetics classic that...

Be Unstoppable: The Art of Never Giving Up

Bethany Hamilton

Less than 5 Available
The art of never giving up. In 'Be Unstoppable', New York Times bestselling author and champion surfer Bethany Hamilton shares how faith, love, and passion have pushed her beyond all expectations. Alongside over sixty breathtaking photos from the making of her new documentary, Bethany Hamilton: Uns...

Power of Communion H/C

Bill & Beni Johnson

Less than 5 Available
Miracles wait at the communion table For centuries, the church has observed the Lord's Supper as part of corporate worship, instituted by Jesus Himself. But for many Christians today, this tradition can be a confusing ritual. Are we missing something in this ancient sacrament? Beni and Bill John...

Rescue on the River #24: Imagination Station

Marianne Hering

Less than 5 Available
Over 900,000 copies sold in the series! When kids step into the Imagination Station, they experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure and excitement. Each book whisks readers away on the adventure with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world a...

Rook's Ruse #04 Blackgaard Chronicles

Marianne Hering

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
The fourth book of The Blackgaard Chronicles series--stories based on classic episodes of the Adventures in Odyssey audio program. The scheming Dr. Regis Blackgaard continues his fevered pursuit of the Applesauce program and access to Whit's End. This time, assisted once again by Richard Maxwell, h...
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