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What is the Gospel? Study Guide

Greg Gilbert

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Intended for small groups, one-on-one studies, or individual use, this study guide works alongside the book What Is the Gospel? to help readers center every part of their lives around the good news of the gospel.

Character: How Do I Change?

Sharon Dickens

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
So, you've heard the Gospel, you've accepted Jesus as your saviour, you're going to Church regularly - you're definitely a Christian, but you don't feel like you're acting like one. The other Christians you know all seem to have it together but how do you get to that point? Even though none of us w...

Training: How Do I Grow as a Christian?

Isaac Adams

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
The Christian life is many things, so it can be hard to know how exactly we should live it. Training is a guide to show new Christians just that-how you should live and grow. Walking through the basic spiritual disciplines, Training uses short stories to show how you can love God and your neighbor....

Church: Do I Have to Go?

Kell Garrett

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
Church can sometimes be an intimidating thing. It can look like a building full of perfect people who have perfect lives. Not a place where someone who has messed up belongs. But that's not true. The Church is God's people who meet together because they love and need God, and love and need each othe...
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