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ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible Forest/Tan I/L

$71.99 $89.99

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
The ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible features highly readable 12-point Bible text in a portable trim size―made from quality materials and with line-matched text to minimize show-through from page to page, intended to provide a clean reading experience. Features: Concordance Gilding Line-mat...

Shelter in God: Your Refuge in Times of Trouble (08/20)

David Jeremiah

Out of stock, arrival 2+ weeks
Shelter-in-place orders around the world have people questioning, “Does God see us? Can he help us through this nerve-racking time? Dr. David Jeremiah shares through psalms that God is always walking beside us. Now is the time to Shelter in God. Renowned pastor and teacher Dr. David Jeremiah believ...

Reading Mark's Gospel as a Text from Collective Memory

Sandra Huebenthal

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
H How did the Gospel of Mark come to exist? And how was the memory of Jesus shaped by the experiences of the earliest Christians? For centuries, biblical scholars examined texts as history, literature, theology, or even as story. Curiously absent however is attention to processes of collective mem...

God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection

N T Wright

Out of stock, arrival 12+ weeks
What are we supposed to think about the coronavirus crisis? Some people think they know: ‘This is a sign of the End,’ they say. ‘It’s all predicted in the book of Revelation.’ Others disagree but are equally clear: ‘This is a call to repent. God is judging the world and through this disease he’s t...
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Beyond Hashtag Activism: Comprehensive Justice

Mae Elise Cannon

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
The world is not as God intends it to be. God's heart is to make things right, and for the world to be just. But complex problems warrant more sustained attention than quick posts on social media. How can we actually make a difference? Activist Mae Elise Cannon takes us beyond the hashtags to seriou...
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Brown Church: Five Centuries of Latina/O Social Justice

Robert Chao Romero

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
Interest in and awareness of the demand for social justice as an outworking of the Christian faith is growing. But it is not new. For five hundred years, Latina/o culture and identity have been shaped by their challenges to the religious, socio-economic, and political status quo, whether in oppositi...

Why Your Kids Misbehave And What to Do About It ITPE

Kevin Leman

Out of stock, arrival 7+ weeks
Tantrums. Talking back. Throwing toys or food. Meltdowns. Slamming doors. Kids know just how to push your buttons. You've tried all sorts of methods, but nothing seems to work. That's because you're not addressing the root reasons for why kids misbehave, says international parenting expert Dr. Kevi...
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Forever Amen

Steffany Gretzinger

Less than 20 Available
Steffany Gretzinger is one of the most sought after worship leaders in today’s modern worship movement. Her voice was introduced as a part of the Bethel Music collective singing her first recorded song, “You Know Me”. Forever Amen is releasing during a time of turmoil throughout the world and with m...

Wait With Me: Meeting God in Loneliness

Jason Gaboury

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
Reclaim Your Headspace and Find Your One True Voice As a hospital chaplain, J.S. Park encountered hundreds of patients at the edge of life and death, listening as they urgently shared their stories, confessions, and final words. J.S. began to identify patterns in his patients’ lives—patterns he als...

Soul Winning: How to Share God's Love and Life

T L Osborn

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
The Church was born in a blaze of personal soul winning as the mission of Jesus Christ became the mission of every believer. Today, that mandate continues. Yet, when it comes to evangelism, many believers lack the passion or know-how to begin. Soul Winning will help! This must-read work by renowned ...

Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict

Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
Those who want to avoid simplistic partisan rhetoric and use words in a challenging, spirited way need practical strategies. This book offers a range of them.  Drawing upon the work of exemplary contemporary writers, Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict shows how to speak and write clearly and g...

Rediscipling the White Church: From Cheap Diversity

David W Swanson

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
"Many white Christians across America are waking up to the fact that something is seriously wrong―but often this is where we get stuck." Confronted by the deep-rooted racial injustice in our society, many white Christians instinctively scramble to add diversity to their churches and ministries. But ...

Place to Belong: Learning to Love the Local Church

Megan Hill

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
“This book is positively, intelligently, and helpfully countercultural.” ―Nancy Guthrie, author, Even Better than Eden; Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus; and the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series The church has more beauty―and more value―than we can see with physical eyes. Though...

King's Decree: Throne Room Declarations

Jodie Hughes

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
“The God I know is gentle and my friend, and yet He is also fierce and formidable, as His words carry power to raise the dead. He sees His masterpiece and says it’s good, but as He’s given us the ability to interact with Him, with our words, I sense the humility and the honour to co-labour with God ...

Jones & Parker Detective Agency (AIO Audio Series)

Adventures In Odyssey

Out of stock, arrival 9+ weeks
There’s something mysterious going on in everyone’s favorite town. . . . Odyssey, of course! No mystery is too big or too scary for Emily Jones and Matthew Parker. The Jones and Parker Detective Agency is on the case, but who knows what’s in store for these young detectives? Adventures in Odyssey i...

Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

Antipas L Harris

Out of stock, arrival 8+ weeks
Among many young people of color, there is a growing wariness about organized religion and Christianity in particular. If Christianity is for everyone, why does the Bible seem to endorse slavery? Why do most popular images of Jesus feature a man with white skin and blue eyes? Is evangelical Christia...
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