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My Spirit, My Responsibility CD Pack

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Heaven Is for Real - Audiobook

Todd Burpo
$29.99 $23.99
"A beautifully written glimpse into heaven that will encourage those who doubt and thrill those who believe." --Ron Hall, coauthor of Same Kind of Different as Me "Do you remember the hospital, Colton?" Sonja said. "Yes, mommy, I remember," he said. "That's where the angels sang to me." When Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy, his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival. What they weren't expecting, though, was the story that emerged in the months that followed--a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boy's trip to heaven and back. Colton, not yet four years old, told his parents he left his body during the surgery-and authenticated that claim by describing exactly what his parents were doing in another part of the hospital while he was being operated on. He talked of visiting heaven and relayed stories told to him by people he met there whom he had never met in life, sharing events that happened even before he was born. He also ..
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Mark Gungor on Men and Women (Audio Book)

Mark Gungor
$24.99 $19.99
In this teaching series, Mark helps men break out of the over-feminized culture to discover what it means to be "real men." More importantly, he gives women the keys to unlocking the potential in the men in their lives. Mark also shows the crucial reason why women need to be the tough, confident, and respectful women God has called them to be...
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