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Light Shines In The Dark Christmas Story (Single)

Bible Society
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50+ Available

What's Christmas Really All About

Bible Society

50+ Available
This pamphlet gives readers the meaning of Christmas. With Bible passages and short stories, the pamphlet will be a great giveaway to those who need to know about the Christmas story.

Just Hay In The Manger

Other Language
$3.97 $7.99

Less than 20 Available
Mary and Joseph in the stable. Angels, shepherds, wise men and assorted animals standing by. A baby doll in the straw-filled manger. The nativity play is a fun event in the Christmas calendar for children and adults alike. But was was it really like when Jesus was born in the little town of Bethleh...

Why Christmas?

Nicky Gumbel

Less than 10 Available
Why Christmas? is an easy to read guest manual with superb illustrations. It is a Christmas version of the Alpha resource booklet, 'Why Jesus?' In this Christmas edition, you will learn why Jesus is important in our lives and how we can become closer to him with the Christian faith. In Christianity...
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