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Wake the Bride

Jeff Kinley

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Jeff Kinley wrote this innovative guide to the book of Revelation for the same reason the apostle John wrote the original - to arouse a sleeping church to prepare for Christ's return. Jesus said, "Wake up and strengthen the things that remain." The apostle Paul shared the same concern. "Wake up from..

As It Was in the Days of Noah

Jeff Kinley

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The story of Noah is one of the most captivating in all the Bible. Yet most people remember it mainly as a children's story found in picture books and heard in Sunday school classes. But this tragedy really took place - and widely overlooked is Jesus' stunning prophecy that the final days of planet..
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Interview With the Antichrist: His Hour Has Come (02/20)

Jeff Kinley

ETA 11 weeks
The story you are about to read is told from the perspective of Julien, a young journalist in close proximity to a person the Bible calls the "Beast." Julien will give us a window into the character of the Antichrist and how our last days could unfold according to Scripture's ultimate plot. This ima..
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