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Finding the Right Hills to Die on: Theological Triage

Gavin Ortlund

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In theology, just as in battle, some hills are worth dying on. But how do we know which ones? When should doctrine divide, and when should unity prevail? Pastor Gavin Ortlund makes the case that while all doctrines matter, some are more essential than others. He considers how and what to prioritize ..

Theological Retrieval For Evangelicals

Gavin Ortlund

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This book aims to set forth a vision for theological retrieval, demonstrating through specific doctrines how engaging historical theology can enrich and strengthen the church today-without abandoning a Protestant identity...

Retrieving Augustine's Doctrine of Creation

Gavin Ortlund

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How might premodern exegesis of Genesis inform Christian debates about creation today? Imagine a table with three people in dialogue: a young-earth creationist, an old-earth creationist, and an evolutionary creationist. Into the room walks Augustine of Hippo, one of the most significant theologians ..
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