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Feel like youve blown it one too many times and that God has benched you from further service? Unless we learn to see failure from Gods point of view, we can become quickly discouraged and feel the heat of defeat. Know that God uses all of our life experiences, including failures, to develop the character of Christ in us. With biblical counselor, June Hunt, as your guide, you can recognize that failing doesnt make you a failure. Now you can take the faulty thinking test, discover the primary cause of failure, respond in a healthy way to those who fail you, and change your focus from failure to success. Learn how to find the good in failure: the development of perseverance, humility, and greater dependence on the Lord. You can find great hope in the abounding faithfulness of God.
Item Reference 10366323
Item Code 9781596366923
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Format Mini Books
Tag Featured
Author June Hunt
Series Hope for the Heart
Unit 1
Publish Date 2013-06-12
Publisher Rose Publishing
Publisher Availability Active
Availability From 2017-04-10