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Mark Holloway doesn't want to talk about the bloody history of New Zealand - But he discovers that God does.

When he least expects it, God startles Mark, with a back and forth conversation about Maori (Indigenous), Pakeha (European) and the Land (New Zealand).

The conversation is astonishing in its clarity, and incredibly moving - yet at the same time, uncomfortable, scary. It doesn't make easy reading. God gently explains how we got into the mess of racial tension we're in, that neither is without guilt. He unfolds the reason he brought Maori and Pakeha to New Zealand - a reason that would ultimately change the entire world.

Well known authors, Maori and Pakeha, say that the 19 conversations with God in this book, are what we desperatly need to hear to achieve peace in New Zealand. Best selling international authors say CRY THE WOUNDED LAND is urgent reading for people of every nation.

This is not a book about repentance. In these 19 mind-blowing conversations with God, you'll hear God explain why we need to get together, Maori and Pakeha, in a marriage of cultures, so we can achieve what he brought us to New Zealand to do. He says the land cries out under the burden of blood we have all spilled on it, that it aches and groans for the day we begin to do what we were brought to these beautiful shores to do. Together.

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