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Liturgies From Below

Claudio Carvalhaes

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It's been said that prayer is the vocabulary of faith. This book offers a wealth of resources from forgotten places to help us create a new vocabulary for worship and prayer, one that is located amidst the poor and the major issues of violence and destruction around the world today. It is a collecti...

Embody: Five Keys to Leading With Integrity

Karoline M Lewis

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Pastors and other leaders feel trapped in systems and institutions where actions and decisions often seem to have little to do with the scripture they read or the theology they profess. They are swept into leadership norms that resemble business models more than mission. They see in others and (some...

Fresh Expressions of People Over Property

Audrey Warren & Kenneth H Carter

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Our church buildings, synagogues, and other religious places - which once stood as beacons of hope and reverence for its community - have become a burden for the organizations who seek to keep them standing. In efforts to patch leaky roofs and paint over years of wear, leaders are putting more and m...

George Buttrick's Guide to Preaching the Gospel

George A Buttrick

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
"Does the preacher now impress us as a 'legate of the skies'? To many he is a pathetic figure, an anachronism, a stage-joke--an inoffensive little person jostled by the crowd, and wearing the expression of a startled rabbit. With one hand he holds a circular hat on a bewildered head and with the oth...

Creative Bible Teaching (Rev & Upd Ed)

Lawrence Richards

Less than 5 Available
Bring the Bible to Your Students like Never Before Communicating the Scriptures is much like building a bridge. However, instead of ravines or rivers, the teacher must span both cultural boundaries and great gulfs of time between the present and the pasts of Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul. Though G...

Brave Church: Tackling Tough Topics Together

Elizabeth Hagan

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
In today's deeply divided world where discussions can quickly become heated and uncivil, churches need to learn the skills for having conversations about sensitive issues. Our society needs brave churches where people can talk about the real struggles they are experiencing without fear of shame or j...

Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church

Irwyn L Ince

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
The church is at its best when it pursues the biblical value of unity in diversity. Our world has been torn asunder by racial, ethnic, and ideological differences. It is seen in our politics, felt in our families, and ingrained in our theology. Sadly, the church has often reinforced these ethnic and...

Beauty of Preaching: God's Glory in Christian Proclam

Michael Pasquarello

Out of stock, arrival 4+ weeks
What does beauty have to do with healing the fragmentation within our churches? According to Michael Pasquarello, everything. Amid the cacophony of ugly political invective that dominates nearly every space today-including church-only God has the power to unify and heal through his truth and goodnes...

Writing For Life and Ministry: A Practical Guide

Brandon J O'Brian

Less than 5 Available
Is Your Biggest Ministry Obstacle Writer’s Block? As an active member in ministry, writing is usually inevitable. Perhaps you approach these opportunities with excitement—or maybe you procrastinate to avoid the task altogether, your pages remaining forever blank. No matter how you feel about writi...

Zondervan 2021 Pastor's Annual: An Idea & Resource Bo

T T Crabtree

Out of stock, arrival 6+ weeks
Countless preachers have turned to the Zondervan Pastor's Annual to save them time in sermon and service preparation. This tried-and-true resource makes your demanding job as a pastor a lot easier. Use its contents as is, or tailor it to fit your unique approach. The Zondervan 2021 Pastor's Annual ...

Worship and the World to Come

Glenn Packiam

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Christians sing because we are people of hope. Yet our hope is unlike other kinds of hope. We are not optimists; nor are we escapists. Christian hope is uniquely shaped by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and by the promise of our own future resurrection. How is that hope both expresse...

Not Done Yet: Reaching and Keeping Unchurched

Beth Seversen

Less than 20 Available
Nones claim no religion. Dones have become disillusioned and left the church. Research shows many young adults are landing in one of these camps. But that's not the end of the story. Many emerging adults, ages eighteen to thirty-three, are tossing aside the none and done labels and are instead embra...

Everywhere You Look: Discovering the Church

Tim Soerens

Less than 10 Available
What's the point of the church anyway? The emerging generation is opting out of the church in large numbers. They're embarrassed at how the church is portrayed in the media and dismayed at what appears to be their options for participation. Is church really necessary anymore? Is it even possible?  ...

Friendship: The Heart of Being Human

Victor Lee Austin

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
"A rare and wonderful theological book that turns something ordinary--being a friend--into an expression of God's greatness."--Jeremiah Rood, Foreword (starred review) In this vibrant theological reflection on the meaning of friendship, experienced pastor and leading Christian ethicist Victor Lee A...

Multiplication Effect: Building a Leadership Pipeline

Mac Lake

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
Most pastors say that the need to identify and develop leaders is critical to the health and growth of their church. Yet, most churches do not have an intentional plan for doing this. In this book, Mac Lake reveals a practical strategy for addressing this problem. How do you develop leaders in a c...

Bible Expositor's Handbook: Old & New Testaments

Greg Harris

Out of stock, arrival 10+ weeks
  The Bible Expositor’s Handbook provides a thorough introduction to the attitudes and practices required to deeply understand the message of the Old and New Testaments. Exhorting students of Scripture to approach the Bible with an attitude of humility and expectation, Greg Harris lays the groundwo...
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