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Why Her?: 6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up...

Nicki Koziarz

Less than 50 Available
In her honest, transparent, creatively crafted style, Nicki Koziarz unpacks her own experience with failed dreams, dashed hopes, and paralyzing comparisons. ...
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Fall in Love With God's Word: Practical Strategies

Brittany Ann

Less than 20 Available
For many Christian women, the constant demands of family, pursuing a career, and managing a household leave little time or energy for anything else. As a result, more than half of women struggle to read God’s Word as much as they’d like. As a busy working mom of three, Brittany Ann, the founder of ...
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What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will

Kelsey Chapman

Less than 5 Available
"You don't have to do this alone."   Entrepreneur and podcast host Kelsey Chapman thanks God for the wonderful mentors who stepped into her life to give her the wisdom, inspiration, and support she needed in each season. In What They Taught Me, she'll show you how to find a mentor who will help you...
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Freely and Lightly: God's Gracious Invitation

Emily Lex

Less than 5 Available
Your Invitation Awaits...  You've tried harder. You've been more intentional. You've done everything "right." In your search for meaning and purpose, you've placed your hope in many different things-only to find yourself at a turning point, quietly asking, Is this it? Is this all there is?   If th...
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Forgiving What You Can't Forget + the Forgiveness Journal

Lysa TerKeurst

Less than 10 Available
Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing offenses over and over in your mind? You deserve to stop suffering because of what other people have done to you. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through this journey. But in surprising ways, she's discovered it is possible to heal and mov...

Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in Its Place

Kay Wills Wyma

50+ Available
Overwhelmed is the new normal Too much to manage and not enough time or energy to do it? What if instead of being overwhelmed with life you could be overwhelmed by Truth with all its grace, hope, peace, and love? In this perspective-altering book, Kay Wills Wyma shares how to confront the pressure...

It's Okay Not to Be Okay H/C

Shelia Walsh

50+ Available
When Sheila Walsh discovered "I'm not good enough and I'm good with that," everything started to change. We've all experienced that moment when we wish we could start all over again. Failed marriages, lost friends, addictions, lost jobs. This is not the life we imagined. Yesterday can leave us stuc...

Daring to Live: the Power of Sisterhood & Taking Risks H/C

Sheri Hunter

50+ Available
When her husband, Mannard, unexpectedly passed away at just 50 years of age, Sheri Hunter was devastated. With her whole world falling down around her, she turned to her friends. Years before, she and these Dare Divas had gone on a whitewater rafting trip. Now they sought out other adventures--zip-l...

With All Your Heart: Living Joyfully

Christine Hoover

50+ Available
Our hearts are made for unswaying allegiance to a king and a kingdom, a concept that Jesus talked about more than any other. Yet every day, the false kings of anxiety, approval, comfort, image, escape, power, accumulations, self-sufficiency, supremacy, and shame plot to reign over our hearts instead...

Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams& Disasters

Kristen Welch

50+ Available
Life is an incredible journey with ups and downs. We soar, struggle, scale and stumble, and often stand at the edge of cliffs, afraid to step into the unknown, unsure of where we will land. But instead of running away, we are called by God to stand firm, muster up what faith we can, and take a step....

Think Again

Maree De Jong

50+ Available
Realigning our thinking to the way God wants us to think is so crucial. Too often, we drift from the place God wants us to live because we all at times forget the things we thought we knew. As we fine-tune our thinking, we challenge 'survival living' with 'God's best plan for us' - our best possibl...

Is God Speaking to Me?: How to Discern His Voice

Lysa TerKeurst

Less than 50 Available
Living with a deeper awareness of God’s leading isn’t just for a select few…it’s for you too! Have you ever wondered if God still speaks to us today? Or do you worry that what you’re perceiving as God’s voice is really just your own thoughts? You’re not alone. In Is God Speaking to Me?, Lysa TerKeu...

Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart

Niki Hardy

Less than 40 Available
No one gets to skip the tough stuff and when life threatens to drown us we're left gasping for air, merely surviving a life we never ordered. Niki Hardy has been there, screaming, "God, is this it? Where's the abundant life you promised? Are you even listening?" Life might not be fair, but through l...

One-minute Inspirations for Women

Elizabeth George

Less than 30 Available
In this powerful and value-priced volume of uplifting devotions, bestselling author Elizabeth George shares practical everyday wisdom from her celebrated cornerstone book "A Woman After God's Own Heart" to give busy women: the confidence to face every circumstance; biblical guidelines for setting go...

Women, Rise Up!

Cindy Jacobs

Less than 20 Available
Step into the Future God Has Planned for You! God has placed a unique call on every woman's life. Yet too often, doubt, discrimination and fear hinder women from fulfilling those plans. In a world laden with gender bias and relationship struggles, there is no better time for women to step forward t...

If You Could See as Jesus Sees

Elizabeth Oates

Less than 20 Available
When we see ourselves through Jesus' lens of beauty, love, and forgiveness, then we begin to see ourselves the way He sees us. And when we see ourselves the way Jesus sees us, we feel differently about ourselves. We feel hopeful . . . joyful . . . alive. This beautifully inspiring read from autho...
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